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Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing

The Sales and Marketing Plan is designed in such a way that a Fanfare Independent Business Associate (IBA) can earn maximum benefits from both merchandising profit and Sales Incentives. Your earning benefits from this opportunity are in direct proportion to your ability to sell Fanfare products.


  • Becoming a Fanfare IBA is totally free of cost
  • Fill and submit the online Registration Form and get an IBA ID. On receipt of duly filled and Submit the physical IBA Registration Form to the nearest Fanfare
  • ¬†branch office within 15 days from the date of online registration. The said IBA ID will be activated on receipt of duly filled and signed physical Fanfare IBA Registration Form.
  • On acceptance of physical IBA Registration Form, you are eligible to buy products at Associate Price.
  • You will also get access to office in the company website as a Value Added Benefit where you can track all the information about your business transactions dealt with the company.
  • The IBA registration is valid for one year from the date of online registration, subject to acceptance of your physical IBA Registration Form


You can earn in TWO WAYS, namely:

Merchandising Profit: You can earn money in terms of Merchandising Profit (MP). Merchandising Profit means you can buy the products from the company at an Associate Price (AP) and sell at Maximum Retail Price (M.R.P.) to the customers. The differential amount of MRP and AP is your Merchandising Profit. (MP=MRP-AP)

For Example
Product MRP Associate Price Merchandising Profit
Noni (900ml) 1250/- 1000/- 250/-
Aloe Vera (500ml) 650/- 450/- 200/-

How to Earn Sales Incentives?

Sales Incentive Plan: During the validity of your IBA ID as soon as you personally accumulate 100 miles on purchasing or selling of Fanfare products on your IBA ID, you will be eligible for miles accumulation of the products purchased and sold by your team of IBAs for sales incentive.

Once you become eligible for sales incentive plan, following is the way to earn sales incentive.

Group sales incentive: Based on the volume of products purchase by you & your team of IBAs, miles will be accumulated in your IBA ID. Based on the miles accumulated every week, group sales incentives will be paid to you as per the eligibility criteria * and as per group sales incentive plan as mentioned below.

Group Sales incentive Plan
First step of 900 miles. 4800/-(Read Early Advantage Offer Below)
Second Step of 900 miles and above upto 4500 miles 4400/-for every 900 miles
Early Advantage Offer: Early advantage offer splits the first 900 miles into 3 slabs of 300 miles each.
First 300 miles 1600
Second 300 miles 1600
Third 300 miles 1600

Note :
Fanfare IBA ship is not an employment/ job and also not a monthly income guarantee scheme. Income as a sales commission from Fanfare is directly proportionate to the sale of Fanfare products. No commission will be paid for referring people to become an IBA of Company.